General Terms of Business


General Terms of Business


General contract terms of Blaguss Reisen GmbH

1. The price agreements concern only the agreed distance and the scheduled driving time. If the actually driven stretch exceeds the agreed distance - for reasons within the customer's or the passenger's responsibility or for the sake of safety or because traffic conditions require it - the additional kilometres will be charged additionally. If the actual driving time exceeds the agreed driving time, additional Euro 60,- per incipient hour will be charged.

2. Blaguss Reisen is liable for making available the vehicles, that were ordered in writing, punctually, unless circumstances arise which could not be overcome by Blaguss Reisen even by making every reasonable effort. Blaguss Reisen is not liable for claims of passengers who fail to arrive at the departure time as informed by the driver or the guide on occasion of stopovers. Blaguss Reisen is not liable for claims of passengers who have to be left behind because they do not hold the necessary personal documents (valid passport, visa, etc.). Furthermore, there is no liability for delayed arrival on the place of stopover or at the final destination.

3. The bus must hold no more than the maximum number of passengers permitted by the constructor.

4. Every passenger, at his own risk, may bring and keep objects in the passenger cabin, which he can easily keep within the range of his own seat, and which will not disturb his fellow passengers (hand luggage). Luggage has to be packed and closed to ensure that the content is protected against loss, depreciation and damage. The name and address of the owner has to be mentioned on every piece of luggage. Dangerous, bulky or otherwise unusual pieces of luggage may be declined to transport. The luggage will be taken on board only up to capacity of the luggage hold. The passenger is required to check personally whether his luggage has been loaded into the luggage hold. Blaguss Reisen is not liable for pieces of luggage which disappear after unloading from the bus. Also, every liability is declined for luggage remaining in the bus overnight or has been forgotten. Blaguss Reisen is liable for loss, depreciation or damage of the luggage in the luggage hold during transport according to the regulations for the traffic with motor vehicles, especially concerning the legal requirements of the privileges and obligations of the transporter as well as the general civil law. In case of liability Blaguss Reisen is liable for damages up to the value of the proved damage, to a maximum of 55 Euro per piece of luggage. There is no liability for luggage which is handed over inadequately packed, damaged or unclosed, as well as for money and valuables.

5. Animals, which do not represent a danger or a nuisance to the passengers, may be taken aboard subject to permission of the driver or guide.

6. The drivers are obliged to take the breaks required by law during their driving period.

7. In case of cancellation of the contract by the customer, he has to refund to Blaguss Reisen the accumulated costs or at least 20 Euro handling fee. In addition, in case of cancellation by the customer, following percentage of the agreed amount or of the order value will be charged as cancellation fee: from the 21st working day before the booking date 10 % from the 14th working day before the booking date 40 % from the 07th working day before the booking date 70 %

In case the customer cancels the booking on the day of the agreed departure, or on the Sunday or holiday immediately before that date, the cancellation fee will be 90% of the quoted amount.

8. The customer undertakes to confirm the final number of passengers, time of arrival and changes of the route, if applicable, etc., on the form made available to him, upon arrival.

9. Any complaints regarding faults or defects in executing the contract have to be stated in writing on this form, otherwise later claims of depreciation or compensation shall be null and void.

10. Any commercially valid payments, if not expressly agreed otherwise, are to be made to Blaguss Reisen directly, not to the driver.