Double-decker (79 to 89-Seater)

Our "double-decker" or two-story bus offers the most comfortable equipment in a modernly designed space for up to 88 passengers.

The "double-decker" ist perfect for large groups such as school classes or clubs that enjoy traveling together or taking short trips.

From small tables that are perfect for cozy conversations or playing cards on the lower level, to a lavatory/toilet, adjustable reclining seats with folding tables and of course the great view on the upper floor, this bus leave nothing to be desired!


4-star seating
Seat belt for each seat
2 tables for 4 persons each
Air Conditioning
4 TV monitors
DVD player
230 V power outlet
Navigation system

Technical data

Seats: max. 88
Length: 13.85 m
Height: 4 m
Brand: Setra 431 DT
Power: 370 kW

Seating plan

Seating plan double-decker bus 88-Seater

Virtual tour through the bus: