Bus - Travelling with pleasure

comfortably sleeping in the BLAGUSS President choaches

Travel by bus - safely, punctually and with high quality!

Bus trips are stress-free!
Travelling by bus is stress-free and relaxing. Traffic jams and parking spaces are no longer your problem.

Bus trips are time well spent!
Instead of sitting behind the wheel, you can use the travelling time for your private affairs. Reading lights, adjustable recliner seats, socket outlets and free Wi-Fi within Austria offer an office on wheels where you can spend your time on board productively.

Bus trips are comfortable!
Travelling in our BLAGUSS buses is very comfortable: The minimum standards of our coaches' facilities are equal to those of 4-star comfort which means generous seating distances, adjustable recliner seats as well as individually-adjustable footrests. In addition our buses have air conditioning, a lavatory and ventilation for a relaxing ride.

Bus trips are safe!
Statistically the bus is the safest form of motorized road transportation. Our fleet of buses is only 2.1 years old on average, making it the safest and the most modern in Europe. The buses are serviced more frequently than required by law. Our bus drivers are well trained and have to complete extensive training programs regularly. Naturally every seat has a safety belt and  luggage is stored safely. The bus is locked whenever the bus driver leaves the bus.

Bus trips provide comfort on board!
As a standard, our buses are equipped with a refrigerator, an espresso machine and a board kitchen so that our driver can offer cooled drinks, snacks and coffee during breaks. TV screens, a DVD player, radio, iPod and iPhone connections are provided for your entertainment.

Bus trips contribute to the environment!
Taking a bus instead of a car is beneficial for the environment. One bus transports 45 persons on average and thus replaces 30 passenger cars. Buses are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation concerning energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore you can travel with a good conscience!