Safety is our primary aim

BLAGUSS drivers

Safety, reliability and quality are the most important values of BLAGUSS!

Blaguss, a third-generation family-run company, is the market leader for passenger transport and tourism in the Austrian/Eastern European region. Quality and safety come first for Blaguss regarding our bus fleet as well as the training of our employees. Blaguss is able to look back on almost 90 years experience in coach travel. The service, vehicle fleet, comfort and safety that we provide are all of the highest quality, allowing you to travel in complete comfort and with peace of mind.

Well-trained travel managers

All of our drivers have completed an extensive training program which includes road safety training, driving with foresight and in an economical manner, accident management, stress management, as well as communication and language courses.
For safety reasons, the drivers are subject to the strictest rules on working and rest periods. Computers stricly monitor the compliance with the statutory driving and rest periods. Therefore you can be sure that your driver is well rested before the journey begins.
At present, drivers from 21 nations, who speak no fewer than 26 languages, cater to our passengers’ wellbeing. Their duties range from ensuring on-board cleanliness to providing the drinks service, as well as ongoing information about road conditions and the journey itself,- including scheduled arrival times, delays, etc.

400 vehicles - always professionally maintained

The bus fleet as a whole travels around 25 million kilometers per year. The coaches bear the seal of quality for safety, and our regular purchase of the latest models mean that the coaches in the fleet are on average only 2 years old. This makes our fleet  the by far the safest and most modern in Europe. The coaches are serviced every 30.000 kilometers (double-decker models) or respectively every 45.000 kilometers (two-axle and three-axle models) - which is more frequently than required by law.

If you are travelling with BLAGUSS-bus you can count on:
...travelling with the most modern and safest fleet in Europe.
...well serviced buses (more frequently than required by law).
...well educated and continously trained drivers.
...well rested and well prepared drivers.
...a well-organized and relaxing trip.

Our passengers deserve the best!

Did you know that the bus is the safest mode of motorized road transport?
No other motorized road transport has so few accidents, injuries or fatalities as the bus!